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Neelakantha Municipality lies in Dhading district, a single district in Nepal which ranges from Himalaya in North and Mahabharat range in south. Initially, four then village development committees: Neelakantha, Sankosh, Muralibhanjyang and Sunaulabazar were merged together to form this municipality as per the decision of Nepal government on May 8, 2014. Later on, it was restructured in the year 2017 adding three more village development committees: Jyamrung, Khalte and Dhuwakot to form the present municipality.The name 'Neelakantha' is carried from the then village development committee Neelakantha which is the combination of two words: Neela (Blue in English) and Kantha (Throat in English). According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva (Mahadev) drank up all the poison to save the world that was produced during the sea churning process and got his throat blue. The name 'Neelakantha' is, so, named after Lord Shiva.

The municipality is 90 kilometer west from Kathmandu and it is 16 km from Malekhu, a point in Prithvihighway. The municipality boarders Nuwakot district in the east; Jwalamukhi and Siddhalekh rural municipality in the west; Netrawati and Tripurasundari rural municipality in the north and Galchhi and Siddhalekh rural municipality in the south. It occupies 10% of total area of Dhading district. Among 199.87 square kilometer of total area of the municipality, forest occupies 99.31 square kilometer which is nearly 50% of total area. The land form is more sloped and terraced. Neelakantha Municipality is situated between latitudes of 27°50'45.442" to 27°58'1.27" north and between longitudes of 84°58'49.98" to 84°56'41.37" east.

Administrative Division
The municipality has been divided in to 14 different wards for the administrative purpose. All the wards have ward offices located in their center which is supposed to have easy excess to people from every nook and corner of ward. Each ward has the representatives as well as the government officials to serve the people. They provide the service as per Local Government Act 2017. In addition, there is an office of municipal executive in the center chaired by the mayor with deputy mayor and twenty four member municipal executive board assisted by the government officials. The following is the table with ward distribution and their administrative centers (ward offices):

Generally the climate of Neelakantha municipality is characterized by sub tropical type. It is mild and temperate. However, some basins and valleys in the southern regions experience tropical climate type in summer season.

Population and population distribution
According to the census of 2011, the total population of this municipality is 58,515 and the Annual House Hold Survey 2015-2016 reports this to be 71,131. This municipality holds 17% of total population of the district. Among fourteen wards, ward no 3 is more advanced with infrastructure development and developed as main city of the municipality. It has high rate of population growth that is 3.4 according to the census 2011 and high population density compared to other wards which have negative growth rate. Around 60km local road under construction in blacktopping.

Economic Activities
The major economic resources of this municipality are agriculture, trade and tourism. Though most of the people in the municipality depend on agriculture, it has subsistence and traditional type of farming. The main crops of the land are paddy, maize, wheat and millet. Fruits, vegetables, pulses and oilseeds are other production. The foreign employment is the major employment for the youth. Malesiya, Quatar, UAE, Saudi Arebia, America, Japan, Canada, Korea and India are some of the major destinations. The remittance received has contributed as one of a major financial activity of the municipality. Private schools, hotel and restaurants, shops and shopping, medical and polyclinic are increasing day by day. In addition, the access of the road has encouraged developing mini towns out of villages influencing its economic activities. The newly elected mayor has announced 'Mayor's Entrepreneurship Programme' aiming to produce twenty five hundred young entrepreneurs in five years span.